Origami Advent Calendar

I recently discovered that trying to find an advent calendar suitable for a 13 year old boy isn’t easy, especially when you only start looking for one at the beginning of December;-)  The offer of a Power Rangers one was met with a resounding “NO!”, and my local Asda only had Peppa Pig left (tempting, just to wind him up, but I resisted).
So, what to do?  Whilst still in Asda I decided to try to make my own so I bought some cheap but still yummy chocolates, then I had to come up with something to put them in.  As ever, Google came up trumps as there are lots of people who’ve done the same.  Some are very beautiful, with small individual boxes in a larger presentation box but that would have taken me so long I might have just about had them finished by Christmas 2013!  Then this one sparked an idea and I wondered if I could make some simple origami bags to put the chocolates in.
I found the solution here.  I printed some freebie Christmas paper, cut it into 12cm x 12cm squares & followed the instructions. This was the finished result.

I dug out some rarely used peeloffs for the numbers, and luckily I found some pre-tied red ribbons which were surplus to requirements when putting up last year’s Christmas decorations. Then I raided the garage for a piece of dowelling & threaded the little bags on.  The dowelling groaned under the weight and I rather belatedly realised I didn’t have a clue where to put it, so for now it’s hung over the mirror in the hall.  The total time taken was just 2 and a half hours although if I’d had to tie the ribbons it would have taken longer. I just hope he likes it, although I’m sure he’ll enjoy the chocolates!  Excuse the pictures (and the decorating!)

Updated 5th December – I got a kiss, a big hug, a “love you” and a “Cool – love it!”  Result:-)

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